The God Box

Like most people, I have many hopes, wishes, and prayers etched on my heart. Some are personal intentions; other times I speak to God on the behalf of others. Sometimes my prayers are about giving thanks. More often than I’d like to admit my prayers are big whine fests.

In the past, I’d scribble down a list of current intentions (and “thing to whine about”) in my journal (the old-fashioned kind with paper), but frequently I’d be out running errands or on a walk with a friend when I’d be made aware of a prayer request – one that didn’t involve me or my hopes or my dreams. And so I’d make a promise to pray for someone or for a situation, and sometimes I would utter a quick prayer on the spot. Other times I’d remember to write down this intention in my journal. On a really good day, I’d really raise my heart and mind to God and talk to Him about this person’s pain or joy, fear or acceptance, sickness or health. However, I often wasn’t as intentional as I should be with the many petitions I’d be entrusted with on any given day.

Enter the Internet and social media where even more prayer requests were brought to my virtual doorstep, and it became increasingly difficult to remember all those who needed me to whisper to God on their behalf.

Then I read this beautiful article called “Inside The God Box” where the author (Mary Lou Quinla) remembers her faithful mother and how she “put each dream, decision, and desperate prayer” into her own God box. Inspired by this I purchased a plain, brown photo storage box, labeled it “The God Box,” and put it in my closet. When a prayer intention strikes me, I jot it down, often on a scrap of paper, and slip it in.

Yet, it’s still difficult to remember every prayer request I stumble across, especially in the online world. That’s why I’ve decided to create a virtual “God Box.” This is a place to stash my own intentions, prayer requests I’ve had from others, and even blog buttons that are circulating through social media. It’s also my hope that this virtual God Box will become a living prayer list for my regular readers and anyone who happens to stumble across this corner of cyberspace.

Here’s place to share your petitions, a heartbreaking news story that makes us aware of others who need our prayers, and your gratitude for prayers answered, or perhaps spiritual resolutions you’ve arrived at with God’s grace. In this safe place, I pray we’ll find an online ministry – a way of bringing God’s family together and allowing the Internet to be used to heal, to spread the Good News, and to reveal not only suffering but hope and redemption.

I invite you to share your prayers – anonymously or not. Feel free to share links to posts to requesting the prayers and/or support of others as well. Let us be the Simon of Cyrene to others and help lighten the load of the heavy crosses others carry. But let us also be like the apostles who were graced with the opportunity to embrace the Risen Lord and celebrate all the goodness, love, and light that blesses our lives.

Pax Christi.

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73 Responses to “The God Box”
  1. Kate Wicker says:

    Prayers for my mama and her ongoing health problems, my father-in-law’s continued healing, my nana, and all those who didn’t choose their Lenten sacrifices this year.

    And prayers of thanksgiving for a healthy pregnancy! 20 weeks and counting!

  2. Laura says:

    Please help my husband find a job that is fulfilling.

  3. Anne says:

    I’ve been having health problems since my son was born a year ago. I appreciate prayers for perseverance, peace, and trust in God’s plan for my health and our family!

  4. Katrina says:

    Safe travel for my husband, infant and myself. Health and safety for my older kids who are staying with sitters. Peace and discernment for the interview.

  5. Kate Wicker says:

    What a blessing to see others to use this space to share their intentions.

    Three other quick prayers:

    One for a friend who has suffered her third miscarriage in a row. Prayers for her healing…

    Another for a friend whose small daily crosses are adding up to be quite a burden to shoulder lately. May God give her the graces the get through this rough patch.

    Finally, prayers of thanksgiving for the two amazing women who came over to my house today and inspired me with their wisdom.

    • Anonymes says:

      I belive there is a great deal of healing for the woman that had her 3rd miscarriege, I feel her pain somehow and belive with all my heart and all my soul the He CAN will and show her the way out. If Jesus can Heal he can HEAL. He is the healer of all diseases or any problems, and even if the person doesnt have any faith or Hope someone does have, I have for her, but most importantthe ‘Big I am’ have.

      I Pray and trust God to show , can ask for understanding, But to uproot, destroy en demolish this root of miscarrieg, and loosen total healing through He’s Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, bless Her womb in Jesus name and rebuke the destroyer. AMEN

      All love for Her and understanding.


  6. Maggie says:

    Prayers for my husband and I to have a smooth moving experience and for him to adjust well to his new job. We’re living with his parents for awhile so we definitely need prayers for patience and understanding!

  7. Erin says:

    Please pray for my sister’s boyfriend’s dad. The Catholic school at which he taught cut some programs and he was laid off and is looking for employment. May he and his family find the strength to rely on God and trust in His plan for them.

  8. Please offer a prayer for my daughter Shelby, who is four and autistic. In the coming weeks we have her IEP (individual educational meeting) for kindergarten and most of the “experts” will have never met her before. Please pray this is a good transition for our family and that Shelby’s best is truly what these experts have in mind, not numbers in schools.

  9. Jan says:

    Please grace of the Holy Spirit in an important case for me.
    Please ask God’s blessing for the whole family.
    Please miracle for John.

  10. ViolinMama says:

    One of my closest friends is a mom to an 8 year old daughter, 6 year old son, baby in heaven (m/c in 2008) 15 month old son, and was 12 weeks pregnant when her ultrasound today revealed this baby died around 8 weeks. She has such grace and peace and feels God at this time, but like her friends, is grieved (I’m SO upset). She’ll most likely need a D&C.

    Please pray for her precious baby, for her, and her excited family (the kids were so excited) and all who were rejoicing in another one of God’s creations! God is still SO Good.

    Much love.

  11. ViolinMama says:

    Also, please pray for another friend who was diagnosed with skin attacking Lupus, her father is about to pass away from lung cancer, and whose Father in law was just diagnosed with colon cancer in Spain.

    The stress on her currently is overwhelming, especially with her health. Please pray. Thank you. Pray for peace for her father too.

  12. ViolinMama says:

    Also – I’ve lost my patience several times today. Please pray for me. I feel terrible as a mom.

  13. ViolinMama says:

    Update on my friend who is miscarrying. Due to insurance coverage…she can not have the D & C, and has opted for the medication that will induce her miscarriage. I’m nervous about this after another friend having a bad experience with take the same medication a few years ago. PLEASE pray for my friend!!!

    Also, another dear friend’s newly 4 year old daughter had surprise surgery to remove a tumor around her ovary, and the ovary itself. The believe the tumor to be benign and the result of AWOL cells at conception and gestational development. They think it has been growing for years, causing symptoms like dietary allergies. Her surgery went well, but she is in a lot of pain, and her mother is 13 weeks pregnant and while full of faith, is very sad, scared, and has mommy guilt for not catching the tumor sooner (she knows that is a far fetched worry…but she can’t help it – I blame hormones, motherly worry, and lack of rest).

    Please pray the little one heals well, and can deal with the down the road fertility issues that will come with one ovary. Pray for grace then, and now…and for her parents and peace for their family.

    It’s been a hard week here for my friends. Thanks for prayers!!

  14. Kate Wicker says:


    I have another request for a friend who has taken a leap of faith and has asked me to pray that she truly is serving God’s will (I believe she is!).

  15. Kate Wicker says:

    Also: prayers of thanksgiving for another prenatal visit that gave me the blessing and assurance of a healthy baby (who’s getting more and more active every day!).

  16. Kate Wicker says:

    Please pray for fellow Catholic blogger, Betty Duffy, who is suffering the heartache of a miscarriage:.

  17. Kate Wicker says:

    Please pray for those ravaged by the recent string of tornadoes to hit the Southeast. We were lucky here in our little town in Georgia, but I heard on the news this morning that others have lost everything and that the death toll has topped 200.

  18. Please pray for me and my struggle with PPD.

    Also that my hubby can find a full time job in his field.

  19. Kate Wicker says:

    Okay. I have lots of prayer requests today:

    -Prayers for a mom my babysitter knows who was murdered in front of her kids

    -Hope and healing for my mama as she continues to face complex medical problems

    -A speedy recovery for my little brother who is suffering from the injury of a broken jaw

    -Prayers for a good friend of my new sister-in-law who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of MS (she’s the mom of two young children)

    -Praying for my husband because I love him and adore him!

    -Wisdom, grace, and trust to make a very important decision for our family (we’re currently discerning whether or not we’re going to homeschool my oldest again next year or place her in school)

    -Prayers for JOYFUL mothering (and my toddler resuming her naps!)

    -Gratitude for my pregnancy and the healthy, growing baby in utero. 28 weeks and counting now!

    Please add your own prayers and intentions and know that I’ll be thinking of you!

    God bless.

  20. Kimberlie says:

    Please pray for a young couple who just entered the Catholic Church 3 weeks ago. He was working as a youth minister at a large Protestant church in town and of course, no longer has a job. She just gave birth to their third child in late January, and their other two are preschoolers. Pray for peace in their hearts, for wisdom on where to search for a job, and mostly for God’s financial provision for them. They are living off savings right now and that can be a scary thing (though those of us who know of the situation are going to try to help in what ways we can and what ways this other couple will let us).

    Also, please pray for me also to find joy in mothering. Ever since we brought our fourth child home from China in December, I have been greatly struggling under the strain of mothering four children and trying to love a child who is 7 years old and doesn’t have very lovable behaviors. I know this child was chosen by God to be a part of our family, I just feel overwhelmed.

    Thank you Kate for this God Box! It’s truly a blessing to put my requests here.

  21. Sarah says:

    Please pray for us as we try to coupe with family that has taken our dream. Even after we told them to please at least not use the name we had for the company, they took everything from us. My husband and I are partners with my in-laws with a dairy. I’ve been involved with the cheese makers in our state since high school. After my husband and I got married (10 years ago)I shared with him the idea of making our own cheese. He wanted to wait until we had the big picture in order (getting the partnership legally signed with his parents). 2 1/2 years ago we got things squared away with his parents. My husband’s brother and wife came up to our home about the time we finalized things with the lawyer. We brought up our idea to them to get their feedback (he is an engineer with a specialized machine shop that makes fixures for glass structures, ex: airport walls) His work is all over the world. Him, his wife, and my husbands other sister took our cheese company idea. We learned everything through family friends what they were doing. My husband went down to talk to them about it. They told my husband that this is nothing that should tear our family apart, we needed to get over it. The story is so much longer than this, with more details that are eye popping!!! Keep us in your prayers!

    What a blessing to have “The God Box”. My heart is lighter just being able to write about it! Thank you Kate!!!

  22. Kate Wicker says:

    From a friend: A neighbor and fellow parishioner of ours welcomed a new baby girl this morning. The baby is now in NICU with a pneumothorax. Please, please pray for her, her new parents, and for the doctors and nurses giving her care.

  23. Kate Wicker says:

    First off, praying our little, 30-weeker bun will continue cooking in the oven for at leas another month.

    Then sending up tons of prayers of gratitude for the outpouring of love, support, meals, care packages, encouraging texts/emails/tweets/FB wall posts/etc., and prayers from longtime friends, family, new friends, and even strangers. The Body of Christ is indeed a beautiful, amazing thing!

    Blessings to you all!

  24. Allison says:

    Please pray for a friend whose daughter was born today at just 24 weeks. The doctors give baby Hannah a 50% chance to survive.

  25. Kate Wicker says:

    A friend recently emailed me the news that her almost 100-year-old grandmother passed away. Join me in praying for the repose of her soul. She sounds like a remarkable woman!

  26. Kate Wicker says:

    Prayers of thanksgiving for a pregnant friend who started bleeding earlier this week and thought she was miscarrying only to go in for an appointment and to hear the healthy swoosh of her baby’s heart. Life is so precious.

  27. Kate Wicker says:

    I recently read about this baby who needs a specialized neurosurgeon to perform surgery; yet, insurance is refusing to pray for this particular doctor’s specialized and necessary skills. Please keep Baby Patrick in your prayers, and consider donating to his help his family:

  28. Michele says:

    Our youngest is almost 6 and we’ve been trying to conceive all these years. We’ve had three miscarriages in the last two years, four miscarriages total. I am 46 (the biological clock is ticking very loudly!) and hoping for ‘just one more.’ Please, dear Lord…

  29. Soutenus says:

    Prayers appreciated from the bottom of my heart for
    1) our family to grow in strength of faith and joyful obedience to our Holy Catholic Church.
    2) The good health of our family
    3) Financial stability
    4) Close proximity for our family
    5) Guidance in vocations

  30. Kate Wicker says:

    Please pray for Elizabeth’s Danny who just came out of surgery:

    Also, I have lots to be thankful for today:

    1. A baby defying the odds and staying put for over a month after pre-term labor!!!

    2. A dear friend who had a happy ultrasound today after being worried about the threat of miscarriage since she has miscarried three babies.

    3. Sweet, little girls and wet dog noses making this sidelined, gestating mama very, very happy!

  31. Teresa says:

    Please pray for my husband, Mario and me to conceive a child,carry a baby to term and have a healthy baby boy or girl. We have had 2 miscarriages since we have been married. I am 42, so tick tick tick on the biological clock. Thanks.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my dear daughter to want to live for Jesus and for her protection (purity and health). Also that I would be the mother God wants me to be and that my daughter’s relationship with her dad and myself would become wonderful.

    Thanks! God bless you all,


  33. Angela says:

    Please pray for the healing of my friend Kathleen, a wonderful mother of seven, who was diagnosed with cancer several months ago.

  34. Kathryn says:

    Please pray for me as I begin the process of recovery from an eating disorder. I have suffered from this for 5 years and have a lot of stomach and immune system problems as a result. Thank you and God bless you all.

  35. Angela says:

    Be assured of my prayers, too. Trust in God’s incredible love for you, and be patient; some days will be easier than others. You are valuable and loved…don’t ever forget that!

  36. Stacey says:

    Prayers of healing for my amazing Mom who is battling cancer very hard. She will not finish treatment until November 2012 and began in August 2011 with two surgeries, a grueling course of chemo and now has to have radiation therapy five days a week for five weeks an hour and a half from her home which is a three hour round trip, she will then continue hereptin every three weeks until November. This is a very long road and I take care of her and my one year old son, as my Dad has his own company and took two months off in the beginning and can’t take any more time off, but our family is amazing. I have found many blessings throughout this process also. Thanksgiving that I found this website also, I’m from far away in Ireland and I love reading this, THANK YOU!

  37. Teresa says:

    Stacey what a great daughter you are! You and your dear mom have my prayers! God bless you!

  38. maggie says:

    for my 18 yr old brother, that he has an internal conversion and turns to God.

  39. Praying so hard for the following items:

    1) One of my closest friends trying to buy a house today, states away from here. This move has been taking months to plan, and being able to have their offer accepted on a house where very few are for sale would be such a blessing, so they can see if they pass inspection and close in a month or so. They want to move in June as the husband has been living for months alone there as they search for a home they can all unite in finally. So, please pray their offer is accepted!

    2) For my marriage – both in it’s hopeful times and happy times, and in the depressing times. May I find the JOY that is ever present in both the ups and down, even if happiness is not.

    3) For our own search for a home to rent. For the discernment if we need an apartment, condo, or stand alone residence with our budget.

    4) For shutting out the voices of the world, and simply focusing on God’s voice. I find He speaks more and more through our friends, than the heads of my family – yet my family’s voices are louder (why is that?) to me. I pray for peace, vision, and purpose.

    5) For my eldest daughter as she prepares to make her 1st Communion this coming Sunday. For the precious celebration of her gift of STRONG faith, and the happiness of being so unified with Christ in the Eucharist.

    Thanks, and Amen.

  40. Full of Thanksgiving for our Lord in Lovely receiving Him for the first time this past Sunday. What beauty and peace come from the Lord when we are all “at the table” together. AMEN!

    Prayers for Thanksgiving on my friend’s house situation – they are under negotiations to be the ones to go under contract. So, the prayers are working! This would be a huge stress reliever to have a home to move to in July.

    Also, in thanksgiving for the discernment to stay in our current condo a little while longer before taking on “more than we can chew”. We’ll trust God to keep us safe and sheltered from some of the the more concerning things around us we never hear or witness, until someone tells us about them. We’ll just trust that is God working for now.

    Please keep up the marriage prayers. I feel I have a great friend and co-parent, but I am feeling lost a bit in having a spouse. It’s hard to explain. We still have much growing to do.

    Also, I’m feeling down today. Not even sure why – the let down post 1st Communion milestone excitement? Slightly insecure about….I have no idea? I feel very weighted down in any case. I need to find the JOY even when I’m not happy.

    Praying for everyone’s intentions too.

    Thank you!

  41. Praying for my husband today at 2pm. Big prayers needed! Also, prayers for him surrounding an out of town opportunity that could manifest itself soon.

    Also, for some mood swings for me this week concerning general anxiety.

    Thanks you!

  42. Mark says:

    Please pray for my sister and brother in law who are battling cancer. Other family members are suffering from emotional distress, mental illness and/or other health related problems. Three of my children are suffering the effects that drug addiction has on their lives and families. Thanks for a spot to unload and to recharge my faith batteries! Life has been such a blessing for me.
    God bless!

  43. Rosa says:

    Prayers for personal continued healing from 5 years of body obsession – I know that Kate understands…I began to turn away from the obsessive dieting just about the same time I started menopause, and the consequent body changes have challenged me so much in my wishes to “let go” because they seem to taunt me with “fat” delusions. I’m 5 pounds heavier than I had been all my adult life – but it’s been ridiculously hard to accept those and just move on. God is gentle, He is allowing me time to loosen the grip on this distraction bit by bit. But prayers are appreciated!

  44. Kate Wicker says:

    I just learned my grandma passed away. She was an amazing woman. Please pray for the repose of we soul. While on your knees, please also pray for my mom. She’s really struggling with intense pain from atypical trigeminal neuralgia and just underwent an experimental procedure that is last her hope for relief outside of a miracle. God bless you all!

  45. Anonymous says:

    I am feeling so overwhelmed with my family. Every one of my kids (and we’re a big family) has some kind of neurological issue, mental illness, or learning disability. I feel so very isolated and it’s putting me into a serious depression. I could use prayers. Thanks.

  46. Connie Grismer says:

    I read the article in Liberty & Vine about your weight struggle. I work out every morning at the gym and enjoy it. I tell myself I do it to keep my osteopenia in check and I know I feel much better throughout the day when I do work out. Anyway, I used to be 210 or so and got down to 150 a long time ago. I used to be a very controlling person and have since found out that I a not able to do that. I believe I try to control my weight because that may be the only thing I can control. I weigh myself every day and get upset if I even gain a pound. I know it is just a number and I believe I am afraid of gaining all the weight that I lost back. It is a struggle for me as I do this. I used to not eat that much and did Weigh Down in my church. I learned to only eat when you are hungry. I got down to 120 and after a while I noticed I was to thin. I am now back to 140 or so and keep wanting to lose to 135. Please pray that I can overcome this and be at peace with myself.

    Also my husband has a frozen shoulder, valley fever and diabetes. He just found these things out about 3 months ago. Please pray that he is able to do what he needs to do to be able to get better in all of these areas and lose the weight he needs to lose.

  47. D Monica says:

    For my son- that God reach him where he is and bring him back to Him. He is failing school, using drugs and is not at home right now. Also, for the rest of the family that God bring us peace and unite us together during this sad and difficult time.

    • Kate Wicker says:

      I am praying for you. I know firsthand how addiction can tear at the fabric of family life. God bless you.

      • D Monica says:

        Thank you! We can use all the prayers we can get right now.

        • Mark says:

          I wanted to show D. Monica what prayer & perseverence has done for my family concerning my daughter’s drug addiction. My daughter is shining bright & blessed now with a new born baby girl. One year ago she was still suffering from pain killer addiction and a failed attempt at a rehab center. After so mamy prayers and blessed candles lit and after another try at rehab, this time at St. Gregory’s rehab near Des Moines, I would say her recovery today is nothing short of miraculous! All those prayers from you, family and friends pulled my little girl through her ordeal! Praise God! And thank you for your prayers!

          • Kate Wicker says:

            Thank you for sharing this, Mark. It gives me hope as well because my older brother has suffered from an addiction for as long as I remember.

            God bless!

          • D Monica says:

            Mark, thank you so much for your encouragement. I suppose my own story of being clean should be encouragement enough, but it isn’t at times. Ironic, isn’t it? I am so happy to hear the good news about your daughter and I look forward to the time when I will be saying the same thing to other parents regarding my oldest son. :)

            I know that God has to be doing something- despite all the wrong that my son is doing, he chose to get baptized not long ago (which he has always been against despite saying that he loved God). I can still see where the enemy is trying to keep his grip on him and he is currently trying to reach some other “dimension” and open his third eye. I know it sounds ridiculous but so many kids are trying to do this right now because of some current popular not-so-underground underground music. I appreciate any and all prayers. I miss my son so much- we had to send him to his dad’s as his illegal behaviors were not letting up (despite multiple chances and warnings) and I had to protect my younger children. Our door is wide open and waiting for him, though- when he is ready to make a change. This has been the hardest thing that I have ever done. Ever. My heart truly aches.

          • D Monica says:

            P.S. Kate, I will be including your brother in my prayers.

          • Mark says:

            Monica, I know what you are feeling now, in fact, I’m feeling them now just rehashing my daughter’s story once again. The last two plus years has been an eye opener for me. Many years ago, her mother moved to TN from IA (where I am), effectively taking my three older children out of my life while they were young to today. With my railroad job, visits were only while on vacation. The hurt was great and I indulged myself in MY addiction of work, work, work 24/7/365 for the last 20 years. Couple New Year Eves ago, my older daughter called to complain to me about her best friend and younger sister’s addiction. I was in COMPLETE shock. Maybe this is why God was calling me back to my Catholic faith, as a revert. This “God action” put an abrupt end to my life of “mostly me” in which I hid my past hurt. I spent many nights with teary eyes, wide awake wondering where my daughter was, if she might be shooting up alone, if she was being abused, or if she was safe asleep in God’s care. Previously, I was enabling her (unbeknownst to me) by sending her money each month to help her with living expenses as she migrated between jobs. I immediately got her in 30 day rehab, thanks to my employer, but then she relapsed after getting out and bumping into her addicted friends. I found out that a 30 day rehab was only a start in the right direction, not always a cure. After almost a year, we convinced her to re-enter rehab, this time in my back yard. After 30 days, she moved in with me and met her boyfriend, who fathered her child. The future looks bright for her with straight A’s in college, working towards a nursing degree and starting fresh rebuilding her life as a mother, a wife-to-be (I hope) and a child of God. Things aren’t perfect, they never are, but with God’s love, forgiveness, mercy & direction, I pray things will be quite different for my daughter’s future & her new family.
            My younger son is a drummer who plays in a local band. I am hoping the music culture, in which you speak, will not drag him down with all its evil & temptation. Hopefully, he will focus on the good of playing & creating music with God watching over him.
            Thought my sharing might someway be of help to you. You are not alone, remember that. Keep the faith!
            Please know that you, your son & family will be in my prayers, as will be Kate’s brother, as well. God bless you all!

  48. Sylvia says:

    Please pray for my son Mike, who has fallen from the
    Faith and has become a practicing wiccan. He has an autistic daughter, my granddaughter Brianna who also needs prayers. My daughter Mary has also fallen from the Faith and her family needs prayers, her daughter, my granddaughter Ashley. Both their spouses are not Catholic. Thank You.

  49. ViolinMama says:

    Prayers for us to be in God’s Will, not blinded by our own. We think we have found the home we are to lease! After many home tours, one almost home (it was one more bedroom, we were selected, but turned it down as we just did not feel “God” in the details), we were recommended to check out this particular, smaller, home, and fell in love with the home, how we felt God everywhere, the neighborhood, the landlord, and amazed at the connections with church friends in the neighborhood.

    If all goes well, we sign on June 1st. It’s hard to truly revel in the contentment that comes with truly being in God’s Will – so I pray for peace. I pray we can live here at least 5 years, and maybe purchase the home, I pray we can give our kids stability after a long time of waiting. It’s scary jumping back into a larger home after losing one. I pray to trust our planning and prayers.

    Please pray for supportive family members, and that we can bless others around us as we live there.

    Thank you!


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