Stations of the Cross for Pre-Teen and Teens?

I had a reader recently ask me if I had any recommendations on how to pray the Stations of the Cross with pre-teens and teens. I unfortunately don’t have any resources for this age group. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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  1. Sister Spitfire/Tracy says:

    Christine Haapala has an excellent book to do Stations of the Cross with children. Follow Me (

  2. suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} says:

    it is not the true stations of the cross, but i have done youth specialities Journey to the Cross for years and it is such a powerful experience for the congregation, teens, and older kids:

  3. Maman A Droit says:

    I've seen some cute bracelets with the stations of the cross on them like this one As a teen girl (if I would've been Catholic then!) I would've loved making my own bracelet from beads/tiles representing each station. For boys, maybe having outdoor stations (there's a cool Catholic memorial place around here with something like that)

  4. Pawel says:

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  5. Mr Luis says:


    I would not be comfortable if I didn’t share with you a wonderful resource that our Youth Ministry discovered many years ago that has worked beautifully with our high school youth group. It’s called “The Station’s of the Cross for Teen’s” by Steven Givens. We took a challenge and made a CD with one of our teen’s reading the script and our music minister Mr. Ruben Galabeas playing music in the background. From station to station, the work of Mr Givens bridges the gap between the sacrifice of the way of the cross to the experiences that our teens face everyday at work and school. Our Deacon, Mr. Alfonso Ramirez narrated the production. We love it and have used it every year during the season of Lent with our Teens.

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