Nature Study at Nana & Pop’s

lizard e1320855800515 768x1024 Nature Study at Nana & Pops

lizard1 e1320855924894 768x1024 Nature Study at Nana & Pops

lizard and pop 768x1024 Nature Study at Nana & Pops

Observe the lizard perched on Pop’s head. I just love Mary Elizabeth’s expression here.

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3 Responses to “Nature Study at Nana & Pop’s”
  1. Colleen says:

    I love ME’s face and body language…I am right there with her! Eeeeww!

  2. Daria Sockey says:

    I’m admiring big sister who looks very pleased with herself to be unafraid when a large creepy-crawly is on her shoulder. I’ll be she’s the one who brings critters into the house and says “can I keep him?”
    Daria Sockey recently posted..Birthday of Your parish in Rome

  3. Mary Elizabeth expresses my sentiments exactly. :)

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