Sleep like this tonight, you will

Nothing like a little Yoda speak to get you feeling hopeful.

And maybe if I add a pinch of magic dust, I’ll really be closer to a good night’s sleep.


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4 Responses to “Sleep like this tonight, you will”
  1. Melanie B says:

    Oh I do hope so!

    Kate, I wrote several paragraphs of a reply to your email and then my computer crashed and I lost the whole thing. I’ll get around to it again one of these days.

    • Kate Wicker says:

      I’m not sure my rambling was worthy of a response. Computer crash? Those can really drive a tired mama crazy! Here’s to sleep and no more temperamental technology!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Where oh where can I find some of those lovely sleeping bubbles?? I have a cutie pie two year old here who needs some of them sprinkled on her from time to time, she never gets tired!!

  3. Cristin Cogen says:

    Ohhh kate it´s such a lovely photo. So cute. You have a very lovely boy there 😉

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