7 Quick Takes: The Photo-op & She’s Risen from the Blogging Dead Edition

— 1 —

Since I have a fall-inspired pile of photos that I knew readers who are actually related to me might enjoy seeing (AKA this post is for you, Nana, and Gaba), I thought I’d jump on the 7 QTs bandwagon after a long hiatus.

As for my blogging habits these days, well, they are sporadic. This is what seems to be working for my family and me. I go back and forth about whether I should bag the whole thing; yet, I’ve found that an occasional post is manageable, doesn’t interfere with my mom-wife-life, and is also fun rather than a source of stress like regular blogging had become to me.

Anyway, before I share some photos, I want to beg for some prayers on behalf of my mom. I’ve occasionally mentioned some of her health challenges, her various surgeries, etc. I’ve never gone into great detail and I’m not going to today, but she had what we thought was a routine follow-up doctor’s appointment on Wednesday only to learn there has been a complication after her most recent surgery. Just this past Sunday some good friends threw her an “enough doctors already” surprise party. She walked into a room filled with family dressed up as doctors. She’s been feeling better, and it seemed like a new chapter without constant, intense chronic pain was beginning. Now it turns out that some wires in her brain (yes, it’s all very sci-fi) are eroding from her most recent experimental procedure, which puts her at risk for infection. Long story short, she has a follow-up appointment in December, but it looks like the neurosurgeon is going to have to surgically remove all the wires, wait two months, and then implant everything again. I was devastated hearing the news. Mom, on the other hand, said, “Well, that’s life,” and smiled and slipped into her C-3PO costume. She’s one amazingly strong woman, but I know both my dad and her were shocked by this new development. We’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

But on a lighter and happier note and speaking of C-3PO, is this not one cool Star Wars entourage or not? (You can’t see it, but my t-shirt has the body of a Stormtrooper.)

(Uncle Rick, thanks so much for the kids’ costumes!)

And, imagine our delight, when we met some more Star Wars characters along our trick-or-treat path. (The photo’s a bit fuzzy, but it’s the only one we have.)

— 2 —

Princess Rae-a

— 3 —

Darth Layla

— 4 —

Our All Saints’ Day party was actually last week. Ever since we read the enchanting and beautifully-written Brigid’s Cloak Rachel has wanted to dress up as St. Brigid. She even requested I add extra freckles to the slight smattering already naturally dusted upon her face, so she more closely resembled the illustrator’s depiction of St. Brigid.

Madeline wanted to be St. Joan of Arc.

Mary Elizabeth was the Queen of all Saints, and Thomas was her most important prop and bore a onesie that read “Fruit of the Womb.” Unfortunately, getting a picture of the two wiggle worms together would have required some serious saintly intercession, and I imagine there were far more important prayer requests.

— 5 —

We’ve had plenty of costume changes lately. Mary Elizabeth dressed up as the starring character in one of her favorite storybooks(this delightful tale continues to be a big hit with all of my children) for her preschool party.

Have I mentioned I sent off a child to school-school (it’s just preschool, but it’s still a big first for us) away from home this year? It has been a wonderful decision for us all. Mary Elizabeth has three days a week where for a few hours she gets messy with finger paint, plays with friends, and skips and jumps while I have some time to focus on Rae and Madeline’s studies. I still suffer twinges of guilt from the decision since a big reason I homeschool is to keep the family together, but I know it’s been good for us all. I felt like I was short-changing her in many ways because I just didn’t enjoy or have the energy to do lots of arts and crafts with her. She consistently spills glue all over, cuts her clothing if I turn away for a half second, and just makes me all twitchy. While sweet Mary Elizabeth is away in a safe, warm environment, I miss her very much, but I don’t miss her big messes. That child’s favorite canvases continue to be her body or our walls.

— 6 —


— 7 —

Yoda one for me. (Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.)

Happy Feast of of All Souls! Have a wonderful weekend!

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8 Responses to “7 Quick Takes: The Photo-op & She’s Risen from the Blogging Dead Edition”
  1. Such cute photos! And you hit the nail on the head about why I send my kids to preschool. If I didn’t, they would never be exposed to any arts and crafts!!

  2. maria says:

    Our entire costume bin is filled with Star Wars Costumes. Luke, Anakin, Solo, Jenga Fett … the only one we don’t have is Princess Leia.

    Gee, I wonder why :)

  3. Melanie B says:

    I love the Star Wars costumes. Thomas makes an adorable Yoda!

    I had to read #5 a couple of times. When you wrote you sent your “first child” at first I thought you meant Madeline. Then realized it was Mary Elizabeth. And it took my tired brain a while to figure out the wording. I’m terrible with arts and crafts myself. Fortunately Bella and Sophie seem to be pretty good at finding their own projects and Ben doesn’t seem to be the crafty type. I can see myself considering a pre-school program for Anthony if he’s as into things when he’s older, though. Oy! he keeps things lively around here.

  4. Terri K says:

    We put all of our school-aged kids in school for a while–2.5 years to be precise. The younger ones are all homeschooled again now, but I have no regrets. It’s not about fidelity to a philosophy as much as it is about the needs of your family.

  5. Jess says:

    LOVE the star wars theme!

  6. Kris says:

    DO NOT feel guilty for sending ME to preschool….!! I forbid it! Patty sends Mary Therese to preschool and Becca still sends Riley also. My SIL sent her youngest to preschool AND 1/2 day Kindergarten before she started homeschooling her. Sometimes, you need to have a little time with the older ones, withouth the littles running around. It just is. The pictures are wonderful – I can’t get over how grown up Maddie and Rae are getting. Eek! Still hoping we can have a girls’ night! Miss you!

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