Upcoming Gigs (and some randomness)

This Thursday, January 31st, I’ll be chatting with Sean Herriott on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air show at 8:40 a.m. EST. We’ll be discussing what it means to be pro-life and how to champion the cause all yearlong in the first segment. We’ll then switch gears and talk about how to beat the wintertime blahs. Anyone else feeling like they’re stuck in the doldrums?

Then next Friday I head to South Bend, Indiana where I’ll be speaking at the  Edith Stein Conference. The conference is a part of the Identity Project at Notre Dame, which works to promote the understanding of the dignity of man and women. This year’s theme is “Modern Beauty: Unveiling the Mystery,” a topic I’m just a wee bit passionate about.

Edith Stein LogoFlower


I’m going to freeze my Southern tail off, but I’m super excited about the event and the chance to hear some encouraging talks. My wonderful husband and grandparents have made this opportunity possible.

In between these gigs, I continue to be the much sought after expert hazardous waste removal in our home. Big boy Thomas has just made a big boy stinky, in fact, and my 8-year-old refuses to work on her math until the diaper has been cleared. “I’m going to suffocate,” she says.

I’m so lucky to have these gigs, even the smelly ones.

Speaking of gigs, I was a writer even long before I got paid to write anything (it all started in the second grade when I snagged my first byline writing a gripping tale called The Plaque Detective; I must have just visited the dentist or something), and this cartoon I saw on Facebook sums me up frighteningly well. (Credit: Drawings: Ted McCagg)14948_10151218326858085_100074923_n-1


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