12 Days of Christmas in Pictures

{Hot Cocoa Cookies, the best cookies we made all season. HT: Hungry Runner Girl; recipe here.}

hot cocoa cookies


{Someone has been working out…}


{Pretend Mass with this beautiful Montessori Mass set}

pretend Mass

{Gaba and the girls}

Gaba with girls

{Playing with our food}

edible candy cane

edible tree

Advent tea

{Action shot}

action shot

{Thank goodness for indoor swimming at the Family Y!}

indoor swimming

{She wants to be a vet when she grows up}

dr. doolittle

{These two are the best of buddies.}


{He found his way into our yard on December 15th. Then he found his way into our garage, then our unfinished basement, then our home, and now our hearts. Meet Fang Wicker.}


Fang with kids

{And by far the best Christmas gift of all: My first niece due in early June!  Please pray for this little miracle, my brother and my lovely sister-in-law as they prepare for the amazing journey into parenthood! We are so happy for them!}

Baby Pankow

{How long can you keep the joy of Christmas in your heart? How about all year? How all about your whole life? Joy to the world!}

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5 Responses to “12 Days of Christmas in Pictures”
  1. Misty says:

    Looks like a fun time for everyone! I loved the pepper tree and fruity candy cane. Pinterest perhaps? Those are the things that I pin but never actually do. Way to go! 😉

    • Kate Wicker says:

      Actually, I saw the candy cane in a Kroger coupon book and just did the pepper tree myself. Madeline and I added the pomegranate seeds. I stopped going on Pinterest because it made me feel like a big slacker. 😉

  2. Kris says:

    I HATE Pinterest with a passion. Don’t get the allure. I bet that tree would work well with green apple slices also. Cute pictures – and YAY for a new niece! So exciting!

  3. Sharon says:

    I like to think I don’t NEED Pinterest because I have enough of my own creative idea — which I’d never do anything with if I was sitting in front of Pinterest! Lovely pictures of your lovely family, Kate. Thank you for sharing. Being a cat person myself, I’m thrilled that Fang has joined the Wicker clan. Like you, my focus this day is on keeping the joy of Christmas alive. One day at a time. All year long! Best wishes for a very happy and blessed New Year.

  4. Carla Pruitt says:

    YAY Fang! I knew that little kitty would find a way to stick around! So happy for Fang and for you sweet Wickers! Another heart to love! =) Looks like you had lots of fun…I sure have missed you guys! I’ll call/text you tomorrow! See you soon! =)

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